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 How to Donate?!

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PostSubject: How to Donate?!   Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:48 pm

Step 1: Click the PayPal Button in the Right Corner Top of the forums.

Step 2: At the top of the PayPal Website, you will see a "Send Money" option. Click it.

Step 3: Enter my email address for my paypal : Joseph9000@msn.com. Fill the other information required. Use the currency CAN which stands for canadian money because I live in Canada. Enter your amount you want to donate.

Step 4: After you done the informations required go to the next step ( click Ok or accept or whatever) which is the part where you enter your account or submit an credit card request. This is where you enter your phone number, credit card ,etc.

Step 5: Accept and confirm everything. You just Donated! Thanks!

When you donate you get an amount of points. example: 5$ = 150 points. With those points you can buy features like Custom Rank title with picture and custom name colour, etc. To buy them you will have to PM me so I can apply them.

Here is amount of points needed:

~Custom Name Colour: 350 points
~Custom Rank Title: 230 points
~Custom Rank Picture: 150 Points
~Avatar: 200 points
More will come soon like donator crown and donator zone on Forums and InGame as soon as I update Them and Work on Server.

EDIT: By The Way, each posts you write, it gives you points!
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How to Donate?!
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