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 Official Rules of RuneRandom [UPDATED]

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PostSubject: Official Rules of RuneRandom [UPDATED]   Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:16 pm

1. Owner/Co-Owner/Admins will not spawn you items, they will not sell you items, they are not even allowed, to trade items.

2. If you come complaining to a(n) Owner/Co-Owner/Admin about you randomly died, got hacked, a glitch occurred, you were scammed or anything along those lines... PLEASE COME WITH PROOF! We have no idea if the story you are telling is true, for all we know you could be trying to scam items. So next time, even if its short notice, PLEASE TRY TO GET PROOF! Proof as in a video recording, some pictures, one or many valid witnesses. Otherwise we have no reason to believe you. (Hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard to take a picture of your screen).

3. If you have any questions about how to do something or anything like that, chances are there on the Forums under "Guides".

4. Moderators can help too! Don't just ask Owner/Co-Owner/Admins, ask mods, they can answer most, if not all your questions.

5. If something doesn't work properly, chances are its under construction.

6. Owner/Co-Owner/Admins will not ban or mute someone just because you tell us to. We have to see it occurring to make the judgment.

7. If you are new, you may have just realized that no, this is not a spawn server, you must work for everything.

8. Owner/Co-Owner/Admins will do their best to tend to your needs. But you must understand that sometimes we are busy and cannot always help you. So just wait patiently until we can get to you.

9. Please don't disrespect or impersonate staff.

10. If you can bring players to the server it is much appreciated. We would like to see the number of active players increase instead of decrease.

11. Talk to Godz about any account issues you have.

21. All donation related discussion has to do with Godz/Kellen and not any other staff member.

22. All glitches are unexceptable, so please do not do them.

23. Please try and keep npc's in there current location.

24. Unprovoked flaming. Please don't use it. It's unecessary and chances are you will be muted for it.

25. Moderators cannot and will not spawn items for you.

26. Botting is unexceptable and will not be tolerated. That includes auto clickers and auto typers.

27. Please do not trade donator items to other players.


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Official Rules of RuneRandom [UPDATED]
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