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 Swagger's Mod Application! :D

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PostSubject: Swagger's Mod Application! :D   Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:21 pm

In-game name: Swagger

Real name: Ashton Wolfe

Age: 15

E-mail: katzftw@yahoo.com

Why should you get Mod?: I am a very responsible, chill, active, fun, and nice person and I have a lot of experience with being staff of all positions including being promoted to Co-Owner a few times.

What are you gonna do as a Mod?: I will help the server, advertise for it, protect it, help others, be fun, not give items to non-staff members unless it's under Dr Ritter's or Untouchable's response, I will be a great staff member and you will not regret it.

How many times you have been Staff before?: Mod: 9 times|Admin:7 times|Head-Admin 8 times| Co-Owner: twice. I have never gotten demoted, banned or had a complaint on any server I have ever played on.

How will you be active?: Pretty much everyday for a while.

How often will you contribute to forums?: Everyday holmes! (:

Any other relevant information?: I will do anything I am told and I am a very responsible person when it comes to staff positions. If you need to contact me for further questions talk to me on forums or add me in game!

Thank you for reading,
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Swagger's Mod Application! :D
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